Leveraging four decades of aluminum anodizing and aluminum finishing experience, Sanford Process Corporation solves the most demanding challenges for anodizing aluminum through a range of proprietary technologies and development tools.


The Surface is Only the Beginning

Sanford Process is at the forefront of patented innovation in anodizing aluminum; with the first low-voltage hard aluminum anodizing system, and more recently with micro-crystalline anodizing. Sanford Process licenses developed technologies and provides contract development work on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. We deliver validated process and product design solutions with detailed instructions, and can also arrange complete part processing through our parent company, Precision Coating.

Sanford Process Awarded South Korean Patent for MICRALOX®...

MICRALOX® for Licensing Expands Further Worldwide

Sanford Process Corporation, a sister company of Precision Coating, Inc., is pleased to announce the issuance of a South Korean patent on June 21, 2018, protecting the novel intellectual property behind its MICRALOX® microcrystalline anodic coating technology. 

Anodizing Issues for Cast Aluminum

Understanding the Chemistry and Options for Anodic Coating on Medical Devices

Before choosing a casting and anodic finish, it is important to understand some of the basic chemistry behind why some anodic coating options work better than others on medical devices. Knowing the reasons behind why challenges occur allows you to choose your aluminum material and finish more wisely.

Sanford Process provides solutions for often complex and apparently conflicting aluminum finishing requirements:

• High chemical resistance in a coating that is inherently soluble by strong chemistries
• Hard surfaces that remain flexible on non-rigid substrates
• Permanent printing in metal, with vivid and bright colors that meet MIL-A-8625 Type III requirements

In each of these cases, Sanford Process developed aluminum finishing and hardcoating process solutions that fundamentally enhanced coating performance and expanded the application space for anodic aluminum coatings.

Sanford Process also supplies aluminum anodizing process equipment, coating and finishing chemicals, and serves the needs of medical, marine, industrial, aerospace/military and household markets.

If you have a challenging aluminum finishing requirement, please contact us as your first step toward developing a solution. We will provide a free consultation to understand your needs and map out an aluminum anodizing process to deliver the most effective solution.