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Sanford Process is the leading technology in the global hard anodizing market.


Constant T Ultrasonic Bath
Design of Experiment Analysis – 3 Dimensional Design

3 Dimensional Design of Experiment Analysis

XRD – X-Ray Diffraction Analysis Capabilities

X-ray Diffraction Analysis (XRD)


With custom anodizing and hard coat anodizing capabilities from table top to full production, a diverse range of chemstries from pre-cleaning to dyeing, and a broad choice of sealing technologies, Sanford Process can design processes efficiently that can scale to full production.  Located in Woonsocket alongside DCHN, the largest anodizer on the East Coast of the United States, our facility was constructed in 2006. 

Scale Up

Our expertise in aluminum finishing provides us with a key process capability for our development customers - our ability to screen mutiple process conditions efficiently at the beginning of a project up to a complete process validation on a final anodic coating solution. This requires different process capabilities from lab scale, for screening, to full production, for overall process validation.   Given our established track record, we can confidently progress work from stage to stage, reduce overall project risk, and have a high degree of certainty on final results.

Application Testing

For a successful product launch, our customers need data on how their products will perform.  Consequently, Sanford Process has an application testing lab where we can measure a range of performance attributes.  For more information on our capabilities, please contact our Innovations Manager.