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Sanford Process offers custom design solutions for validated, non-exclusive anodizing processes that can be quickly implemented across a range of application needs, enhancing the presentation and functional benefits of your products.  From permanent printing in metal to vibrant hard coat colors, we move quickly to address your specific finishing needs by utilizing our existing tool kit that eliminates the need for lengthy process development. Solutions include:

SANFORDPRINT™ Printing In Metal
Solution: Permanent Printing in Metal

The only permanent printing solution for aggressive environments: Printing ink on aluminum has the unfortunate characteristic of delaminating over time, as different coeffecients of thermal expansion of the ink vs. the metal cause the ink to delaminate.  Many applications require permanent printing in order to maintain traceability over the life of the application.  How to solve this problem? Embed the ink within the metal by putting the ink into the anodic pores below the surface and entrap the ink by sealing.  Unlike similar approaches, the high porosity of Sanford Process QUANTUM® process results in the highest print density for bold and clear printing and product.


SANFORD QUANTUM® Custom Anodizing
Solution: Crystal Clear Hard Coat Anodizing

The only anodic hard coat that does not go dark at coating thickness >25 microns: Custom anodizing solution with crystal clear coating qualities. Conventional high voltage systems cause alloying elements to absorb light, leading to hard coatings that are dark, especially when coating thickness is greater than 25 microns. QUANTUM® Process utilizes low voltages and a unique AC / DC current overlay to achieve a hard coat that is MIL-A-8625 compliant but exceptionally clear and light.


SANFORD PLUS® Custom Anodizing
Solution: Beautiful Castings Anodizing

The only anodic coating process capable of successfully producing high quality hard coat on cast aluminum articles: Castings are increasingly used across a range of applications – but end products often present poorly and have minimum anodic coating thicknesses. With Sanford Process PLUS® and QUANTUM® Processes, castings can receive a functional hard coat that can often meet stringent design requirements as well.