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Sanford Process is the leading technology in the global hard anodizing market.

Hardcoating Process Solutions

Hard coat anodizing sample 
Hard Coat Part
Sample of hard anodizing using color 
Hard Coat Parts

Sanford Process has a long history of hard anodizing solutions for a broad range of application requirements. Unlike conventional hard coat anodizing based on high voltage rectifiers, Sanford Process Low Voltage rectifiers are capable of providing unique hard anodizing solutions that underlie both Design and Functional Solutions.

SANFORD QUANTUM® Crystal Clear Hard Coat Anodizing
Permanent Print
Vibrant Colors Hard Coat Anodizing
A Low Voltage hard coat anodizing process designed to produce clear, hard coat anodic coating that meets Mil-A-8625 specifications and requirements.  Anodic coating is receptive to inks and dyes to create bold, high optical density colors and print. Employs SANFRAN®.
SANFORD PLUS® No Burn 2000 Series Aluminum
Beautiful Castings Anodizing
A Low Voltage hard coat specifically developed for 2000 series alloys and cast materials.  Can produce hard coats that meet Mil-A-8625 requirements. Employs SANFRAN®.
SANFORD SALVAGE™ Reclaim Lost Dimension
Exceptional Dialecric
A Low Voltage process that allows hard coat anodizing dimensions greater than 2 mils (45μ) - in certain cases up to 6 mils.  This allows worn or undersized parts to be rebuilt back to original specification. And given that the coating is a dielectric material, exceptional insulation properties can be developed. Employs SANFRAN®.
MICRALOX® Revolutionary Chemical & Corrosion Resistance
Unbeatable Salt Water Spray Resistance
Exceptional Dielectric
Unlike the traditional amorphous hard anodizing, micro-crystalline anodizing is a revolutionary solution to achieve chemical and corrosion resistance by re-ordering molecular structure and shortening bond lenths. Achieves 10X the chemical resistance vs. conventional coatings.  Employs SANFRAN®.
SANFORD CLASSIC® MIL-A-8625 Achieves the hardest anodic coating while reducing the risk of catastrophic dissolution.   Employs SANFRAN®.