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Sanford Process is the leading technology in the global hard anodizing market.

Medical Coatings

Medical operating room

                              Operating room

Medical coatings

Coated aluminum surgical case

Innovative Solutions for Medical Coatings

Medical applications using aluminum have many unique challenges and hurdles to meet the FDAs “Fit for Use” criteria.  Sanford Process has been at the vanguard of process development to solve many legacy issues relating to how articles perform in the field, including anti-fading, anti-stripping, and permanent print solutions.  Consequently, medical coatings from Sanford Process have been implemented by the world’s major orthopedic companies including Stryker, Smith & Nephew, BioMet, and Johnson & Johnson DePuy / Synthes.

Medical coatings such as chemically resistant anodizing are used in many applications, such as medical cases, trays, instruments, and fixturing devices as well as general hospital equipment made out of aluminum.

Design Solutions for Medical Applications include: Anti-Fade, Vibrant Colors, Permanent Print with print in aluminum (rather than printing on metal), and Revolutionary Chemical & Corrosion Resistance.