High Quality Hard Coatings for 2000 Series Aluminum

2000 Series aluminum alloys have excellent milling characteristics but easily burn when hard coated due to their elevated levels of conductive copper in the alloy. The low voltage, hard anodizing process SANFORD PLUS® allows for these alloys to be safety hard coated to meet Mil-A-8625 Specification or other properties associated with traditional hardcoat.

Sanford Process’s SANFORD PLUS® custom anodizing process uses our proprietary SANFRAN additive to produce high quality hard coatings on many other difficult to anodize alloys, including cast alloys. SANFORD PLUS® coatings are thicker and more uniform than other cast aluminum hard coatings, and provide better visual appeal.

SANFORD PLUS® anodic coatings are as hard as Conventional (Type III) anodized coatings. They also deliver higher abrasion resistance, higher corrosion resistance, and better dielectric properties than conventional anodic coating methods.

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