Crystal Clear Anodic Hard Coating at Thicker than 25 Microns

Conventional high voltage aluminum anodizing systems generally cause alloying elements to recombine in such a way that the coating increases light absorption, leading to hard coatings that are dark in color, especially when coating thicknesses exceed 25 microns.

Sanford Process’s SANFORD QUANTUM® custom anodizing solution utilizes low voltage hard coat rectification with a unique AC/DC current overlay and achieves a hard anodic coating that meets all MIL-A-8625 Type III specifications, including abrasion resistance standards.  In addition, SANFORD QUANTUM® hardcoat is also exceptionally light in color and remains translucent, even at thicknesses well above 25 microns. In addition, SANFORD QUANTUM® delivers very uniform coatings, can reduce edge defect characteristics, and provides outstanding corrosion resistance.

Without the coating darkening during processing, the SANFORD QUANTUM® hard coat anodizing process also offers excellent dyeability, allowing for nearly any color to be added for maximum design benefits.

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