The Only Permanent Solution for Printing on Aluminum

Permanently printing ink on aluminum is a difficult task, as the difference in coefficients of expansion between the ink and the metal often causes the ink to delaminate. Many applications require permanent printing in order to maintain traceability over the life of the product. This problem is solved when using Sanford Process’ SANFORD PRINT™ technology.

The SANFORD PRINT process embeds the ink within the aluminum by putting it into the anodic pores of the material, below the surface. The ink is then permanently entrapped by sealing. SANFORD PRINT addresses a deficiency of conventional screen and pad printing for certain applications where the ink is at risk of delamination and/or chipping. Unlike conventional printing where the ink dries on the surface of the anodic coating, the SANFORD PRINT methods are permanent and non-destructible.

Unlike similar techniques, SANFORD PRINT printing technology, combined with the high porosity achieved with Sanford Process’ QUANTUM® process, leads to extremely high print density. The result is bold, clear, permanent printing.

Sanford Print SP: Bold, single-image printing with embedded ink entrapped below the coating surface; suitable for printing on flat surfaces. Limited colors available.

Sanford Print DFF: Digital printing with embedded ink entrapped below the coating surface; suitable for printing on flat surfaces. Multiple colors available.

Sanford Print BW: Digital printing in black and/or white for printing on flat and complex surfaces.

SANFORD PRINT can also be over-dyed or receive multiple colors for more complex images and to meet more challenging design requirements. With printing that remains intact, so too will your company branding, which allows for product recognition while decorating with unique artwork that will enhance product differentiation.

Find out how SANFORD PRINT technology helps you meet these needs with various in-house printing and laser-marking techniques. Ask for the print performance studies of SANFORD PRINT that demonstrate how it clearly meets the fit-for-purpose requirements for medical devices, including those which require STERRAD, STERRIS, and autoclave sterilization.

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